about me


I’m Anna-Rose. and I am the wizard behind the words.

I’m currently studying BFA Fine Art at Loughborough University and am deeply fascinated by the arts.

the reason why I began this blog was as a way for me to share my appreciation of the work of others with fellow creatives (although I’ve cheekily provided some material of my own, as I feel it helps to understand the artistic context I’m coming from in my writing).

art. music. literature.

these are the three topics which make the backbone of my writing and I hope you enjoy exploring them with me. my main interests focus around the spiritual and transcendent experience, as well as philosophy and psychology within artistic media. I will no doubt be dabbling in many other subjects but these remain the core content of my work.

organised chaos. it’s an odd title I know. however, for me this is the purpose of the arts; to make sense out of things which appears to make so little sense sometimes. but, also, to rest in the chaos and surrender a need for control. I am constantly coming back to this binary as you will notice in my articles.

I love a good discussion, so please comment and share (and follow if you want to continue reading)!

and, of course, have a lovely day enjoying the beautiful chaos this world has to offer.

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